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    What is a management plan?

    Parks Canada places belong to all Canadians. They represent the very best that Canada has to offer and tell the stories of who we are.

    A Parks Canada management plan guides management decisions and actions and serves as a key public accountability document.

    Management plans are strategic in nature, based on a long-term vision, with clear direction for a 10-year period.

    How are management plans developed?

    Management plans are developed through extensive consultation and input from various people and organizations, including Indigenous peoples, community members and visitors.

    Parks Canada ensures that management planning is open and transparent, reflects sound financial management, contributes to Government of Canada and Parks Canada’s priorities, and guides future management decisions and actions.

    What role does consultation play in the management planning process? How is the public involved?

    Parks Canada is committed to undertaking meaningful consultation on its management plans and strives to ensure that Indigenous communities, partners, stakeholders, and the public have opportunities to contribute to Parks Canada’s activities.

    Parks Canada has started formal consultation with the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia and is launching the Let’s Talk Cape Breton Highlands National Park! website to give all Canadians an opportunity to provide their feedback and help shape the future of the park.

    How often are management plans reviewed or revised?

    Management plans are developed through extensive consultation and input from various people and organizations, including Indigenous peoples, local communities and visitors and must be reviewed at least every 10 years as required by legislation.

    What is "Let's Talk Cape Breton Highlands National Park"?

    Let’s Talk Cape Breton Highlands National Park! is a nation-wide consultation process, inviting partners, stakeholders and the public to provide input that will guide the direction set out in the revised management plan for the park. A formal consultation process with the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia is also underway. The public consultation process is from January 13, 2020 to February 16, 2020.

    What will Parks Canada be consulting on?

    Input gathered during the first phase of public consultation in the management plan review process will help us update Cape Breton Highlands National Park’s management plan from 2010.

    Proposed priorities for the revised management plan include maintaining and restoring park health, management of visitor experience; greening operations, and initiatives related to cultural resources and economic opportunities.

    The Let’s Talk Cape Breton Highlands National Park! consultation survey will include questions about ensuring ecological integrity, the possible need for management interventions, a year-round visitor offer, cultural experiences, infrastructure and facility improvements, and building collaborative relationships. 

    What are the phases of the management plan process for Cape Breton Highlands National Park?

    There are two phases of our public consultations. Phase I started with consultations with the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia and a meeting with stakeholders and is now open to the public with the launch of our Let’s Talk Cape Breton Highlands National Park! website. Responses gathered from participants will help inform the overall direction and identify priorities for the management plan.

    Based on the input received, Parks Canada will develop a draft management plan for further review and input during Phase II of public consultations, which will come in Spring 2020.

    Feedback collected during the second phase of consultations will help to finalize the management plan, which is scheduled to be approved and tabled in Parliament in the Fall. 

    What will Parks Canada do with the feedback it receives through consultation?

    Parks Canada will take into consideration all of the feedback we receive from our discussions with the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia and stakeholders as well as input received from the Let’s Talk Cape Breton Highlands National Park! website.

    All feedback will be carefully reviewed and considered to help shape an overall vision and define the guiding approach for the management of Cape Breton Highlands National Park. These elements will be outlined in the draft management plan, which will be shared for review during a second phase of public consultation.

    Participants will be able to visit the Let’s Talk Cape Breton Highlands National Park! website to see updates on what we’ve heard through consultation, important milestones in the management planning process, and further opportunities to help shape the future of Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  

    Where can I get more information?

    This website is the best place to visit for more information about park management planning, what we’ve heard through consultations and where we are in the planning process.

    If you have any other questions, please contact us at